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The Yew Room

The Yew Room is now closed at Jameson’s Corner, Kilmacanogue. 

Thank you to all our clients for your understanding and patience as we undergo a transformation and rebirth of our work. 

Watch this space to see what’s next. 

For all queries please email:

The Yew Room Team

Tree Lined Path
Trail in Woods


Wellness Is Better Together

The name of our space is inspired by the ancient Yew Trees that are deeply rooted to the land where our studio resides. Their sacred presence has been felt on this land for over 2,000 years. 

The Yew Tree is a symbol of death, rebirth, renewal and transformation.  These trees each hold ancient wisdom and consciousness and serve to remind us of our purpose to grow, evolve and transform to fulfill our role as custodians of the planet. 

We are in a constant energetic relationship with the ancient trees through our breath. Our exhale becomes the tree's inhale and the tree’s exhale becomes our inhale. Without this reciprocal relationship with the trees, human life cannot survive.  And so it is in deep reverence and gratitude to the vital role of the trees that we have named our space after the ancient Yew. 

The Experience

Our gifted teachers create a safe space to support you nourishing your mind, body and spirit with an emphasis on building community through connection.

Using a Cellphone

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Take Your Practice Anywhere with Our App

We're excited to offer our customers easy access to our classes through The Yew Room app. Use the app to book and check into classes, view schedules, and manage your account. Our app is the easiest way to stay up to date on your yoga practice and maximize your time on the mat.

Mission Statement

We aim to support wisdom, wellness and wholeness through three main pillars:

Nourishing the Mind

We offer inspiring talks, lectures, training and meditation courses, alongside hosting wisdom circles and thought-provoking documentary film screenings.

Nourishing the Body

We can help you feel more embodied through conscious movement including yoga, intuitive movement, body work, tension, stress and trauma release (TRE), somatics and sacred dance, reiki, breathwork and other healing modalities.

Nourishing the Soul

We offer experiential workshops and courses encouraging creative expression in a variety of creative modalities including art, design and writing, We offer practices to attune to your soul like reiki, sound healing, chanting, soulful retreats, forest bathing and nature workshops.

Recommended Classes for Beginners

Discover Meditation and Wellness Practices

Our classes for beginners are designed to introduce you to the benefits of mindfulness and wellness practices. Join us and learn how to incorporate these practices into your daily life.

  • This is a general yoga class that links movement with the breath and e...

    Mon, Wed, Sun

    12 euros
  • This is a great class if you want to try yoga but are concerned about ...


    12 euros
  • This class combines gentle movement with the breath to create more spa...


    12 euros

Our Approach

At The Yew Room, we believe in the power of mindfulness and wellness practices to transform our lives and the world around us. Join us and experience the difference.

The Yew Room

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