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About Hannah Dunford

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Hannah is a yoga teacher (RYT 200), reflexologist and massage therapist. She has practiced yoga for over thirty years and is passionate about introducing others to the joy and benefits of this ancient practice for body, mind and spirit. Hannah teaches yoga in many primary and secondary schools in Wicklow and Dublin. She has a special interest in music, nature and animals. At The Yew Room, Hannah brings her “Hatha Yoga” class - a gorgeous blend of breathing practices, movement and relaxation for overall fitness, flexibility, strength, mobility and stress reduction.

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Phone - 087282223

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Hatha Yoga


Tuesdays - 7.30-8.45pm

All Levels Class 

Rathmichael School Hall, Shankill


Wednesdays - 10.00-11.00am

(Starting on 15th May)

Mixed Level

Rise Up Dance & Yoga Studio 

(Above Shoreline Leisure Bray)

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