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Hatha Yoga: This is a general yoga class that links movement with the breath and encourages a sense of embodiment. This class moves at a moderate pace combining both static and dynamic movement options and allowing time to take our awareness inwards encouraging a felt sense of how the movement feels in our bodies. This class supports you to connect with the wisdom of your body and offers lots of different choices and options to move safely in a way that is useful for your own individual body. Each class ends with a guided relaxation to help restore the nervous system and leave you feeling rested, peaceful, grounded and calm. 

Gentle Yoga:  This class combines gentle movement with the breath to create more space and comfort in the body. We move between poses at a slower pace and without the complex transitions that can be found in other styles of yoga (e.g. Vinyasa/Ashtanga). We stretch and move safely with some joint freeing sequences.  Poses are not held for long.  Options are given to adapt the movement to suit your own body. Each class ends with deep relaxation to create stillness in the body and a peaceful mind. This class can help with mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, arthritis, joint pain, neck, shoulder and back pain, relieves stress and calms the nervous system.

Chair Yoga: This is a great class if you want to try yoga but are concerned about joint pain, mobility or balance issues. In this class, we explore very gentle movement and breathing practices with the support of the chair to help build up our confidence, strength, balance, flexibility and support the nervous system. Each class ends with a guided relaxation that can be done in the chair. The Yew Room is fully accessible with a lift if you need to avoid using the stairs.

Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Chair Yoga


We offer a range of classes to suit everyone. If you need any advice on the type of class that might suit you best, please get in touch and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.

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